This site provides access to Haramaya University's different scholarly Journals


  • East African Journal of Sciences

    An International and Multidisciplinary Journal, Published Biannually by the Research and Extension Office, Haramaya University, Ethiopia. The East African Journal of Sciences (EAJS) publishes original scientific papers and disseminates scientific and technological information to the users in Eastern Africa and elsewhere in the world; the Journal also enhances exchange of ideas among scientists engaged in research and development activities; and accepts papers from anywhere else in the world.

  • East African Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities

    East African Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (EAJSSH) is the official journal of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities at Haramaya University. Its purpose is to serve as a forum for intellectual exchange on a wide range of the social, historical, environmental, and political issues that affect humans in multiple ways and are in turn affected by dynamics and processes of humans’ interventions. Contributions are thus welcome from the diverse and interrelating fields of social sciences and humanities such as Sociology, Social Work, Social Anthropology, History, Political Sciences, Human Geography, Gender and Development Studies, Social Psychology, Peace and Development/Conflict Studies, Linguistics, Literature and Folklore, Cultural Studies, Law, Media and Communication Studies, Tourism and Development, Urban Planning (its social aspects), and Education.

  • East African Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

    The East African Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (EAJVAS) publish original manuscripts related to economically important large and small farm animals, poultry, equine species, aquatic species, and bees, as well as companion animals such as dogs, cats, and cage birds, and laboratory animals are particularly welcome. Manuscripts written on the subjects of basic sciences and clinical sciences related to veterinary medicine, nutrition, and nutritional diseases, as well as the breeding and husbandry of the above-mentioned animals and the hygiene and technology of food of animal origin.

  • HARAMAYA LAW REVIEW ሐረማያ የሕግ መጽሔት

    The Haramaya Law Review (HLR) publishes original scholarly works on any topic relevant to  the legal community, including analysis of domestic or international laws and cases, the African Union and other international organizations, challenges and lessons from domestic practice, and original field research.

  • East African Journal of Health and Biomedical Sciences

    EAJHBS is an official scholarly communication of the College of Health and Medical Sciences that shows the case of research work by health professionals anywhere in the world. It’s headquarter is located at the College of Health and Medical Sciences, Haramaya University. Ethiopia. EAJHBS is dedicated to publishing research articles in all areas and all disciplines of Health, Biomedical Sciences and Medicine coming from anywhere in the world.