Open Journal System covers all aspects of online journal publishing from establishing a journal website to operational tasks such as author submissions, peer review, editing, publication, archiving and indexing of the journal. Open Journal System manages the workflow of a journal, including keeping track of the work of editors, reviewers, and authors, notifying readers, and assisting with the correspondence.

Open Journal System is flexible and scalable. A single installation of OJS can support the operation of one or many journals. Each journal has its own unique URL as well as its own look and feel. Open Journal System can enable a single editor to manage all aspects of a journal and the journal’s website or OJS will support an international team of editors with diverse responsibilities for a journal’s multiple sections.

Open Journal System supports the principle of extending access. This system is intended not only to assist with journal publishing, but to demonstrate how the costs of journal publishing can be reduced to the point where providing readers with 'open access to the contents of the journal becomes a viable option.

The platform also enables articles in journals to become more visible, increasing the citation rates of articles along with journal ranking. The UJ Library has bought the license to host journals on the OJS platform, helping to absorb the costs associated with publishing which can then be passed on to authors to reduce their article processing fees. This funding will be available from 2020.

The UJ Library is committed to making information more freely available to the public, to our students and to our academics. If you would like to launch a new journal on the OJS platform please click here for contacts who will help you with the Digital Object Identification (DOI) number you will need.


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The Library at the University of Johannesburg is committed to embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution and using technology to free up our researchers from doing labour intensive repetitive work. With this in mind we have set up this OJS platform to streamline the life of journal editors and free up some of their valuable time. We are also offering funding support to academics for the payment of Article Processing Costs. This funding will be available from 2020. As a Library, we support Open Access and are committed to making information more freely available to the public, to our students and to our academics. If you want to launch a new journal on the OJS platform, please contact who will help you with the DOI (Digital Object Identification) number you will need. 



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