Family Violence Against Women: How Does Ethiopian Law Compare with International Definitions?

  • Glory Nirmala K
Keywords: Family, definitions, inadequacies, special law, violence, women


With the recognition of family violence by the United Nations as a human rights abuse in the 1990s, the issue of family violence has achieved a much greater profile in terms of law and policy development in many countries. However, unfortunately, in Ethiopia so far no serious steps have been taken in this direction. The evidence of growing incidence of family violence against women in the country is a clear indication that the general Criminal Law provisions are failing to combat this social evil. In this background, this paper discusses the enormity of the problem of FVAW in the Ethiopian society, shows the inadequacy of the relevant legal provisions under the Ethiopian laws in the light of the international legal instruments and special laws of prominent countries, and emphasizes on the immediate need for the enactment of special law to prevent family violence in Ethiopia.

Key words: Family, definitions, inadequacies, special law, violence, women