Corporate Branding and Communication Strategies: Assessment of Ethiopian Higher Education Institutions

  • Tadele Mognehodie
  • Kelbesa Beyene
  • Binayew Tamirat
Keywords: Communication strategies; Corporate brand; Higher education; Identity; Students


Today, people have access to abundant information. Hence,
differentiation is considered as an important strategy to get seen by the
target audience. To this end, organizations need to use unique corporate
identities to create positive images. Accordingly, universities are required
to plan and communicate their identities to build sustained collaborations
with key stakeholders. This study aimed at examining corporate branding
and communication strategies in Ethiopian Public Higher Institutions.
Using stratified systematic sampling, six first generation universities and
six proximate preparatory schools were selected. Then, using quota
sampling method, a total of 300 regular students (50 from each university)
and 300 preparatory students (50 from each school) were selected. Besides,
12 corporate communication personnel (2 from each university) were
involved. A descriptive research method was used employing both
qualitative and quantitative approaches. Data have been gathered using
questionnaire, interview, content analysis and observation. The results
show that universities have not implemented effective corporate branding
and communication strategies; there are gaps in branding their institutions
using unique features and in communication utilizing effective strategies.
Students pointed out that they have not been provided with consolidated
information about the universities. Hence, they relied on information from
other people such as family members, friends, and teachers etc to choose
their preferred university. This implies that universities need to assess their
corporate branding and communication strategies. Most importantly, the
issue needs further studies for better understanding of the problem in all the
universities to implement effective educational branding and
communication strategies.

Author Biographies

Tadele Mognehodie

Adama Science and Technology University

Kelbesa Beyene

Adama Science and Technology University

Binayew Tamirat

Adama Science and Technology University