Urban Public-space Utilization and Management in the Metropolis: The Case of Meskel-Square and Jan-Meda, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Abenezer Wakuma Kitila
Keywords: Addis Ababa; Jan-meda; Meskel-square; Metropolis; Publicspace; Urban; Utilization


Public-spaces are the mainstay of the urban settlements.
Recently, more attentions were given to the expansion of buildings,
industries, business centers, companies and institutions than preserving
public-spaces. This study examined the utilizations and management of
public-spaces of Addis Ababa; the case of Meskel-square and Jan-meda.
To this end, the study involved 120 sample respondents using a random
sampling method; and employed descriptive and explanatory type of
research designs. Data were collected through questionnaires and
interviews. For the analysis, both descriptive and inferential statistics
were used. The results showed that the current state and management of
the public-spaces is poor. The spaces are not attractive, not comfortable,
not accessible, and lack services. The major factors that thwart users from
visiting the spaces were absence of natural and artificial landscapes,
absence of adequate services, and less attractiveness. Unpleasant and
illegal activities, lack of shelters, and congestions were other problems.
The multiple regression output suggested that the frequency of using
public-space is influenced by the socio-economic and space related
factors. Similarly, the spearman rho‟s correlation coefficient, independent
samples t-test, and the multinomial regression model produced important
results. The city government faced challenges including weakness of the
public actors, lack of planning and policy direction, weak regulatory and
legislative frameworks, and vulnerability of many public-spaces to
improper uses. Therefore, this study recommends that the city
administration should consider the planning, preservation, expansion, and
management of the public-spaces to enhance the quality of life of the
residents and aesthetic value of the city.

Keywords: Addis Ababa; Jan-meda; Meskel-square; Metropolis; Publicspace;
Urban; Utilization