A Narrative of Students’ Lived Experience and Its Effect on their Academic Achievement

  • Yosef Beco Dubi
Keywords: Academic achievement; Lived experience; Narratives; Projection, Trauma


This study examined students‘ narrative retrieved from their past or lived experience and its effect on their academic achievement. I made use of a narrative case study research method and conducted an in-depth interview with participants. Drawing on purposive sampling technique, data were collected from selected students of the Faculty of Languages and Humanities, Kotebe Metropolitan University. Personal narratives were recounted by the students and analyzed by developing themes, until data saturated. The researcher made an attempt in order to uncover the students‘ lived practices that have harmed students‘ academic achievement. Findings reveal that harmful psychological, social and economic experiences, if adversely remained in the memory of students, also have negative effect on students‘ academic achievement. Accordingly, the psychologically wounding and socio-economically destructing experiences have corroded formative developments, and have undermined critical thought, and that believed to have affected students‘ academic successes.

Author Biography

Yosef Beco Dubi

Kotebe Metropolitan University, Faculty of Languages and Humanities