Assessment of Workers’ Benefit from Employment Injury in Batu Floriculture Industry

  • Solomon Dessalegn Dibaba
Keywords: Benefit; Employment injury; Floriculture workers; Laws


This research assessed the benefit from employment injury floriculture workers receive when they face injury based on international and domestic laws and policies made to provide benefit of employment injury. To address these issues and for strong evidence based claims, qualitative and quantitative research method such as questionnaires, in-depth interview and personal observation were used. The study employed simple random and purposive sampling technique to select respondents and informants for the questionnaires and in-depth interview, respectively. Quantitative data collected were analyzed by using simple descriptive statistical methods such as summation, averages, and percentages. And the qualitative data were analyzed and interpreted thematically against the relevant research issue. The findings of the study indicated that injured workers were not properly paid of these benefits provided by laws. There are challenges to hold/avoid benefit of employment injury which ranges from low bargaining power from the workers up to complexity of litigation process before court. There are also weaknesses from the government on implementing laws and policies made to provide benefit of employment injury. There is a problem of budget, motivation, authority and lack of coordination among the stakeholders. Based on the findings, there should be strong institutions including nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that work together to enforce international, regional and domestic laws to safeguard benefit of employment injury. NGOs should aware workers on occupational safety and health, and further advocate for those who have incurred employment injury. Furthermore, research on benefit of employment injury is necessary to have due insight into the issue.

Author Biography

Solomon Dessalegn Dibaba

School of Law, College of Law and Governance, Oromia State University