Radiation Levels from Laboratory Wastes and Pharmacy Items at Four Hospitals in Harar and Dire Dawa Towns

  • Haftu Brhane
  • Endale Tamiru
  • Gelana Amente
  • Biniyam Nigussie


Human beings are always exposed to radiation in one form or another. Though little could be done to minimize the background natural radiation, it is possible to minimize exposure to manmade radiation, to a certain extent. In this study radiation level measurements were conducted, at two private and two public hospitals in Harar and Dire Dawa towns. Radiation rate measurements were conducted on pharmacy items and laboratory wastes of each hospital using Universal survey meter (RDS-200) and Electronic Personal Dosimeter (mini-6100) for eight days. Radiation rate measurements using both instruments did not reveal significant radiation levels above the background in pharmacy items and laboratory wastes at the hospitals studied. This indicates that pharmacy workers and the public living close to lab wastes are not currently at the risk of exposure to dangerous levels of radiation in both towns.

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