Registration of 'Bulcha' and 'Lalo' Yam Varieties

  • Bikila Akassa
  • Abraham Negera
  • Girma Chemeda
  • Tilahun Wandimu
  • Negash Teshome
  • Lelise Ararsa
  • Daniel Mekonin
  • Meseret Negash


Abstract: The name Bulcha was given to a yam (Dioscereaalata) variety with the pedigree name of BRC-8s, and the name Lalo was given to a yam (Dioscorearotundata) variety with the pedigree name of BRC-7l. The two varieties were evaluated under a regional variety trial for two years (2006 and 2007) at Bako, Gute and Tsige districts and released by Bako Agricultural Research Center in 2012. These two yam varieties showed superior performance particularly in terms of productivity and tolerance to disease across the years and locations. The two newly released varieties out-yielded the other tested yam genotypes on both research plots and farmers’ fields. Bulcha produced tuber yields 66.45 and 31.4 t/ha and Lalo produced tuber yields of 46.0 tons and 22.7 t/ha on research plots and farmers' field, respectively.


Keywords: Dioscoreaalata; Dioscorearotundata; Genotype; Pedigree; Tuber yield

Author Biographies

Bikila Akassa
Bako Agricultural Research Center
Abraham Negera
Bako Agricultural Research Center
Girma Chemeda
Bako Agricultural Research Center
Tilahun Wandimu
Bako Agricultural Research Center
Negash Teshome
Bako Agricultural Research Center
Lelise Ararsa
Bako Agricultural Research Center
Daniel Mekonin
Bako Agricultural Research Center
Meseret Negash
Bako Agricultural Research Center


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