Registration of ‘Chelenko I’ Garlic (Allium sativum L.) Variety

  • Tewodros Bezu Haramaya University
  • Fikreyohannes Gedamu Haramaya University
  • Nigussie Dechassa Haramaya University
  • Mulatua Hailu Haramaya University


Chelenko I (G-147-2/94) garlic variety was released in 2013 for mid to high altitude garlic growing areas of eastern and western Hararghe Zones in Ethiopia. The variety was developed through selection from a collection of 252 cultivars/genotypes obtained from Debre-Zeit Agricultural Research Centre in central Ethiopia and Haramaya district in the eastern part of the country. The released garlic variety was shown to have superior yielding ability and other desirable traits over the standard check ‘Tsedey’ cultivar. Moreover, the yield of the new variety was found to be stable over seasons and locations in the eastern highlands of the country. Therefore, the variety could be cultivated sustainably by smallholder farmers in the area and other places with similar.

Keywords: Bulb yield; Bulb weight; Stability test; Yield trials; Tsedey variety; Haramaya


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