Registration of Kulumsa-1 Linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.) Variety

  • Abebe Delesa Kulumsa Agricultural Research Center
  • Adane Choferie Kulumsa Agricultural Research Center
  • Erena Aka Kulumsa Agricultural Research Center


Kulumsa-1 is a common name for the linseed variety developed through selection from the variety known as Chilallo, the linseed variety released nationally in 1992, which is a population. Kulumsa-1 was selected, developed and released by Kulumsa Agricultural Research Center for major linseed growing areas of Ethiopia. Specifically, it was tested at Kulumsa, Bekoji, Asasa, Sinana, Holetta, Adet and Areka for three years (2002/2003-2004/2005) and verified in 2005/2006 on these locations for official release. Consequently, Kulumsa-1 consistently produced better mean seed yield than the standard check (Belay-96) and the local check over three years. Likewise, it proved to be more resistant to powdery mildew (Oidium sp.) and pasmo (Septoria linicola) diseases than the checks. The results of the multi-location trials revealed that Kulumsa-1 was superior in seed yield performance across years and locations. Besides, it is stable variety based upon the two stability parameters, deviation from regression (S2di) and coefficient of determination (R2i).
Crop Variety Registration

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