Vol 11, No 2 (2017)

East African Journal of Sciences

East African Journal of Sciences

Table of Contents

Review Article

Traditional Fermented Dairy Products of Ethiopia: A Review PDF
Tesfemariam Berhe, Finn Kvist Vogensen, Richard Ipsen, Eyassu Seifu, Mohammed Y. Kurtu, Egon Bech Hansen 73-80


The Ethiopian Dairy Value Chain with a Particular Focus on Cattle and Camel Milk: Current Scenarios and Investment Opportunities PDF
Zelalem Yilma, Yonas Hailu, Takele Wolkaro, Mitiku Eshetu 81-92
Opportunities for Producing Dairy Products from Camel Milk: A Comparison with Bovine Milk PDF
Richard Ipsen 93-98
Coagulation and Preparation of Soft Unripened Cheese from Camel Milk using Camel Chymosin PDF
Tekuam Walle, Mohammed Yusuf, Richard Ipsen, Yonas Hailu, Mitiku Eshetu 99-106
Activation of Lactoperoxidase System: Evaluation of the Acidification Rate, Microbial Quality, and Shelf Life of Camel and Cow Milk PDF
Bekele Amenu, Mitiku Eshetu, Yonas Hailu, Egon Bech Hansen 107-116
Clotting Activities of Partially Purified Extracts of Moringa oleifera L. on Dromedary Camel Milk PDF
Mezgebu Abate Terefe, Ameha Kebede, Misrak Kebede 117-128
The Potential of Camel Milk and Extracts of Major Plants Browsed by the Animal for Diabetes Treatment PDF
Negussie Bussa, Anteneh Belayneh, Merga Deressa 129-138